HoneyJun (Joon) is a cultured/fermented drink like Kombucha tea made with green tea and honey. Use the basic Kombucha ratios (1 Cup / 1 Gallon) except with green tea and honey. Add 8-10 green tea bags to a gallon of water and 1 cup honey. It usually gets done quicker than Kombucha so keep an eye on it. Check it in 3 days and  adjust to what you want to brew.

Since there is so little actually written explaining proper procedures of Brewing and handling a Jun Culture, one must follow the well established documented procedures written for her sister culture, Kombucha.

The Jun culture and Scoby should be handled only with very clean hands. A good washing of your hands first with soap and water, and  a good rinsing of them afterwards, to remove all the soap is key. Or plain white vinegar works really well as a hand sanitizer.

When bottling the Jun, keep 10-20% for the next brew “starter” as well as some of the Scoby & yeast settled at the bottom.

Jun Kombucha Culture

Pour in another batch of  cooled Honey and Tea solution. Then replace the Jun Scoby back into the Jun Solution (tea and Honey) gently. Then (depending on school of  thought) pour in the reserved 10- 20% already brewed Jun juice. Please  note: you may use more, but not less Jun juice, enabling a faster (or  shorter) ferment and faster Scoby develpoment.

Allow it to sit undisturbed for 4-5 days (longer if in a colder spot), and ferment. Try inserting a straw or “Turkey Baster” along side of the Scoby (on  the edge, near the glass of the jar) and dipping it in closer to the bottom to get a sample. Cap the other  end of the straw with a finger, keeping the fluid in it, then withdraw and taste. If the taste is how you like it (some like it more sweet, some more “vinegary”), then pour off 80-90% of the Jun and re-brew a fresh batch.


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http://sevahealingstudio.wordpress.com/ In pursuit of Jun Origins.




Brew up a gallon of green tea (or a green tea concentrate for the size container you plan on using), add the honey amount

You can let it sit covered overnight (better without the honey, which can become contaminated if left overnight)

A lot of brewers allow their bags to sit overnight to have a stronger tea flavor / more nutrients drawn out.

You will have to watch the brew for when it is done…probably 3-4 days, depending on the temperature it can be 7-10 days even when colder.

Taste test and drink when it tastes ready according to your tastes. Longer ferments become more “vinegary”.

Remember to save some of old batch to put with the scoby in a new batch (10-20%).

You can do a second ferment with a flavor and bottle (same as you would Kombucha or Water Kefir).

If you let it go too long, you can double it with new liquid and it should speed along a new big batch.


Brewing Jun ( simple version)


The simplest way to brew Jun is to make a batch of green tea ; 6-8 (some use more) tea bags per gallon.

Allow the tea to steep at least 10 minutes (for regular strength, Japanese style) and up to 20 minutes (for stronger strength)

Pull the tea out, or strain. Note: Some steep the tea longer, even overnight.

Allow to cool until it reaches room temperature.

Then add 1 cup Honey (per gallon, divide to get smaller measurements, multiply for larger ones).

You can allow to cool to a lower temperature, such as 110 degrees F, to keep alive more enzymes in the Honey; esp. Raw Honey.

Once the Tea and Honey solution has cooled to room temperature, you may place in the brewing container.

After the Tea solution is in the brewing container, add the Jun scoby.

Then add the liquid that came with the Jun scoby or the 10-20% you reserved from the previous batch.

Place the brewing container in a nice place where it wont be disturbed and out of direct sunlight. The darker spot the better, but a warm spot is best – like on top of the refrigerator.

Cover it with a coffee filter, a tea towel, or a paper towel to allow it to breathe.

The Jun will typically brew faster than Kombucha.

Depending on temperatures, you will see either small foamy looking bubbles, or a very clear Scoby in 2-3 days.

Taste test at around 5 days, or when the Scoby gets an opaque (milky white) appearance.

The taste test is to assure that the Jun doesnt go too far, and has a pleasing taste to you. When it does, bottle, or drink.

NOTE: Just like Kombucha you will need a 10-20% amount of liquid to start the next batch and some or all of the Scoby.

If you are moving your jar of fermenting JUN, the scoby can sink to the bottom. Resist the urge to move her around and it will grow on top and  once it starts to get carbonated, momma should come up.

Fermented JUN can form babies, even when stored in the fridge. Babies will grow up quick, but be careful when you use them as they will be  more prone to mold. Be sure to add plenty of aged JUN to drop the pH and help them along. Be sure to add 10% or more brewed JUN to avoid mold  and raise acidity. Add 25% brewed JUN juice is more common, especially  until the scoby is well-formed. You can leave a JUN baby leave it in the  jar with mama unless you are wanting to get two jars going. If you do  want to jars, you can cut it in half, or separate mama from baby. Also,  when JUN sets out for 2nd ferment, it can grow a new film on top. The  film on top is a new baby, they start transparent and gel like, then  become opaque and thicken. Stack babies in a jar in starter tea and feed  them now and then with fresh tea. They look like layers of babies. Keep  in a quart jar. That way, when they thicken up it is a nice size to  share. You can pour juice into lots of small bottles (spice jars, PET  bottles, etc.) and new babies will form. You can also cut a JUN scoby  into pieces and ship with juice. JUN babies are harder to separate into  layers than kombucha scobys. It may have carbonation but some say not as  much as KT.

If you need to take a break from brewing, consider  setting up a Jun hotel (like you would for extra KT scobys). A  wide-mouth canning jar or a narrow, tall jar will work well as a hotel.  For your hotel, use 1/4 cup honey to a quart of green tea (just as you  would set up a new batch). Add a little honey tea each month to keep the  hotel going. Once you hotel is set up, you will need to add about 1  inch more honey green tea on top each month. A new scoby will form on  top too. Repeat until you need to start a new jar. The tea will usually  keep them separated. Your hotel will take care of itself for a while,  just be sure it doesn’t dry up from neglect. To make more scobys, you  can add some Jun to pint-sized mason jars and jelly jars, cover and let  it sit undisturbed to form a scoby.


Teas for Jun:

Jun loves green tea, especially organic green tea.

Trader Joe’s has a Specialty Green Tea that is a favorite of many brewers. Strand Teas Green tea is also recommended.

Dragonswell green, Oolong, Tieguanyen oolong tea, and Plum Oolong also make a delightful Jun.

Jasmine green tea is ok for the culture, but it will give it a light, almost beer-like taste. You may want to brew with mostly regular green tea and  add a bag or two of jasmine green tea.


Honeys for Jun:

The  type of honey you use will influence the flavor of your Jun.


The link below has an overview of various honey types



Below is a website that sells honey



Be cautious of ultra-filtered honey




Jun: Nobody Wants us to Know About it. ~ Emma Blue

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